deadmau5 & Lights – When The Summer Dies (Official Music Video)

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The environments in this video were created and filmed in Core, an online space to play games, hang out, and explore worlds, and join events – for free:


You can explore these worlds in Core when deadmau5 launches Oberhasli, his new virtual world and music experience. An interactive space where fans can meet up virtually, Oberhasli will feature a constantly evolving online world with music, games, and other interactive content curated by deadmau5. Oberhasli debuts on Core October 14 with exclusive deadmau5 concerts running in Core October 15, 16, and 17.


To celebrate the launch of the music video, Core will be selecting a limited number of fans to participate in a VIP virtual Meet & Greet with deadmau5 in Core. For a chance to win, please view Official Rules and submit your entry:


music video directed by: Leah Sems


In collaboration with @CoreGamesOfficial:


In partnership with Pixelynx, a new gaming venture created by deadmau5, Richie Hawtin, Ben Turner, & Dean Wilson:


Featured Creators:
– Fazz: Dystopia Abandoned Stage
– Sino: A Cyberpunk Dream
– Dragonballdurag: Abandoned Stage Sub
– BFM: deadmau5 Cityscape
– Amonbeaufils: Blasted Moons
– LittleCreator: Apocalypse Chill
– Mokazar: No End for World War
– KologMaster: Abandoned Town in the Mountain
– pinkpockettv: New Babylon
– LotusCracker: deadmau5 & Lights City
– Mizvi: Slum City
– LordNapstablook: Atllas Party
– LaKwaai: Abandone Stages
– TennebrisNox: SS Meowington
– themusic77: Virus Invasion
– Mizvi: Sing Along Central
– Arudo: CATastrophe
– Coderz: The Dead Maw
– BoxLanePro: DYSTOPIA Lite
– madlios: Dystopian World
– Valarkh: A universe of steam
– rawkout1337: deadmau5 Abandoned BackAlley
– Lanalux: Medu5a AD
– Right_Knider: starport deadmau5 maun5ter

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